The Parent Lounge

On Sunday afternoons, the Parent Lounge will be open! Held during our Jr. High Youth Group (from 5 P.M. – 6 P.M.), this time is for anyone who would like to:

  • Join in a discussion of the highs, lows, and the in-between moments that come with being a parent;
  • Help support and encourage other parents;
  • Discuss ideas for how to best help your children;
  • Find friends who can identify with the challenges you face as a parent;
  • Celebrate successes as a parent;

then The Parent Lounge is for you! We look forward to seeing you in Jacoby Hall, Sundays at 5 P.M. 

Our Current Series

“Tough Guys and Drama Queens” by Mark Gregston

You can preview this by logging into RightNow Media via your St. Nicholas account. Don’t have one? Let us know.

This series begins in The Parent Lounge on 11/3/19 at 5 P.M. in Jacoby Parish Hall.