During the season of Lent, we plan to have evening prayer on Wednesdays (at 8 P.M.). The plan is to spend time together reading and discussing Scripture as well as praying for ourselves and others. Each week, different people from St. Nicholas Church will ‘host’ the prayer time. Each prayer time will be on the St. Nicholas Facebook page, Instagram and YouTube channel at 8 P.M. and will then be posted here as well.

We believe the season of Lent is an important journey, meant to be a time of repentance, reflection, and sacrifice that God can use to bring us closer to Him. Often, people choose to “give something up” such as caffeine or sweets during this time. When they desire to have whatever it is they have “given up”, they use that as a reminder to pray and thank God for His many blessings. ¬†Also, people might choose to “pick something up” during Lent. This can be a commitment to a specific Bible study, devotional, or activity (such as this one, serving at a local charity, etc.).

Whatever you choose to do, please remember the words of Jesus in Matthew 6 where He reminds us that anything we give up or take on is meant to be between us and the LORD.  That is the intention behind these prayers as well.

Please pray with us: