From The Ground Up

A life of faith doesn’t just happen…

It takes effort, time, and is the most important decision you can make. Join us as we discover together the foundations of the Christian faith beginning with answering key questions like these:

 – What is the Christian faith?
 – Why should I care?
 – Who is Jesus Christ?
 – Why should it matter to me who He is?
 – Is my life really going to change because of any of this?

And no; there really is not a “formula” or “path” that we will suggest. Our goal with this is to discover the foundations as we understand them and then individually decide what to do about it.  Join with us to discover for yourself what you *really* believe and what you can do about it!  

WHO:  Jr. High (grades 6-8) and Sr. High (grades 9-12)

WHAT:  “From The Ground Up”, a series of short lessons followed by discussions on what it means to be a Christian

WHEN:  begins Sunday, January 17 at 3 P.M.

WHERE:  Outside in Flower Mound; usually on the St. Nicholas Campus in front of Orand Chapel (the one with the columns and the fireplace out front).

BRING:  yourself and a friend!

WEAR:  nothing special to wear, but we do recommend wearing something you will be comfortable in if we are outside.