What is a Confirmation?

Confirmation is a “mature public affirmation and commitment to the responsibilities of baptism” as stated in the Book of Common Prayer.  At St. Nicholas, students who are at least 12 years of age are encouraged to let us know that they are interested in Confirmation.  Our timeline for this is from March through December. The first class in our next ‘cycle’ is planned for March 2020.

We are planning to use this time to teach and discuss living a life for Christ. Topics we will be covering include ‘Who is God?’, ‘Who is Jesus?’,  and ‘What is Prayer?’. 

In addition, we will also have opportunities to serve in our church family and in our community. Students seeking to be Confirmed will be strongly encouraged to go on one of our summer mission trips. We believe these outside the classroom activities will provide an excellent opportunity to live out their faith.

It is important to note that Confirmation is not the end of a journey! It is a kind of beginning, praying the LORD will stregthen our faith. As such, our time will also cover topics designed to help us learn how to best live a life for Christ (How do I study the Bible?; What is the Body of Christ?; What does it mean to ‘love my neighbor’).  

This class will end in December, at which time our Bishop, during his annual visit, will be ready to help students who are to publically ask God via His Holy Spirit to “confirm, strengthen, fortify” their desire to adopt the Baptismal vows as their rule of life. We pray our current group will look forward to beginning again in January, helping the next group of students who are seeking to understand more about Christ!

PLEASE NOTE: Asking God, in front of the church family, for His help in living out our Baptismal vows is no small act. As such, we will be keeping track of our students who attend. If more than two or three Sunday gatherings are missed, there will be a discussion of readiness between the Rector and student.

IInterested in find out more? Want to be in the next class? Then let us know! Feel free to use the button below to send us a note to sign up and/or find out more.