The Matthew 25 Affect

At St. Nicholas, we believe we are called to serve God above all, out of love (Matthew 22:37).  Out of this love comes our love for those who are our neighbors (Matthew 22:38).

So why do we call this The Matthew 25 Affect? Because it is here in Scripture that Christ teaches us the time to serve the kingdom of God is now (verses 1-13), the talents with which we serve are for His glory (14-30) and that when we serve the “least of these”, we are in fact serving Him (31-46).

So to review: the time to serve God? Now.  What part of our lives do we use? All of it.  Whom do we strive to help? The least of these. Why do we do it? Because God first loved us.

And why affect instead of effect? Because love is a verb. Consider the definition of affect: to act on; produce and effect or change in.

And so we will be hosting opportunites show this love, through serving, praying that not only will God use these actions to help others, but that He will show you YOUR call, your ministry and ultimately His love for you.

We pray you too will experience The Matthew 25 Affect.