COVID-19 Updates

Saint Nicholas Youth: our latest updates are here!

Saint Nicholas Youth Ministry is adjusting to the enormous changes in our community due to the Coronavirus response. Below are our latest efforts/updates as we navigate this process.    

Please note our goal for youth ministry at St. Nicholas has not changed: it is to partner with our parents to help them invite, encourage, and teach their students to be disciples of Jesus Christ.  We remain confident in our LORD and His ways, especially during these difficult times!

When will our youth group meet now that we can meet in person?

With our in person gatherings starting back as of September 8, 2020, we are trying out a hybrid meeting schedule that includes both in person and online each month. In September, it looks like this:

– Sundays @ 11 A.M.: live streamed services (on

– Oct. 4 – Online Sunday: our Zoom virtual youth room @ 3 P.M. (Jr. High – grades 6 – 8) and 4 P.M. (Sr. High – grades 9 -12) (>>>email us to get the link<<<)

– Oct. 11 – In Person Sunday: Jr. & Sr. High meet in the field behind Orand Chapel at 3 P.M. for our “Spin It To Win It” event.

During the times we meet together, our goal remains the same: ensure that Scripture will be taught, we are encouraged, praise will be lifted up, and we will spend time praying for each other and our community, country, and world.  In all of this, we will try and be creative to maximize the fun we can have together!

While nothing can take the place of an air conditioned, in person gathering without masks, we believe utilizing all of the above options will help us as we do our best to meet the needs of everyone in our St. Nicholas family.  

How long will we be doing this hybrid meeting schedule?

The current plan is to try it for a month or so (into October) and then make any adjustments as needed. 

What about the upcoming events we had planned for Fall?

All of our events are currently being evaluated on a case by case basis. While we anticipate some of our future events that we originally had planned will be affected, we do not want to cancel any until it is determined there is no way to adapt them to the current safety protocols.

What if I have an idea for something we could do?

If you have an idea about how we can help out our community, having a meaningful worship experience, or just gather for fun, then please let us know. We would be happy to hear any and all suggestions/ideas!